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Blue Wheel

Welcome, friends, to the vibrant and colorful Taqueria Don Pedro.

This joint may be small, but the flavors that come out of its tiny kitchen are nothing short of astounding.

The head chef, Ede, is a true culinary artist, with over 40 years of experience under her belt. She’s a master of Mexican cuisine, seamlessly blending the bold and fiery flavors of the Pacific Coast of Acapulco with the earthy and complex notes of the Oaxaca highlands. You’ll find no shortcuts or compromises here; Taqueria Don Pedro embodies the unbridled spirit of true Mexican cooking. So come in, open up your senses, and get ready for a culinary tour-de-force that’ll leave you breathless.

Simple, unpretentious, and yet dazzlingly authentic. This. Is. Taqueria Don Pedro.